“These ITW events keep getting better and better and I have met many high quality suppliers and partners. The downloadable itinerary makes for a very easy administration of meetings and managing appointments” FC SPORT EVENTS

      “This was a great way to re-engage with some of our Italian partners. While travel is so restricted, it is really important to keep up personal relationships and COMITEL made this possible. Thank you.” Club Europe Group Travel

      “Our meetings have all been useful and productive as our clients are looking to travel Italy from 2022 onwards” JEWISH HERITAGE

      “Complimenti per un workshop che mi ha dato tante idee. Ho fatto alcuni buoni contatti e quando potrò viaggiare mi aspettano molte visite importanti!”  SUPREME TOURS

      “Thank you for the great organisation to allow me to meet really interesting people and to get a lot of new ideas.”  JULES VERNE

      “It was an excellent event and I’m looking forward to developing our product portfolio in Italy.” TRAVELPACK

      “The Workshop more than exceed our expectations providing excellent contacts with professional Suppliers who impressed us with their keenness to collaborate together with us for mutual benefit. The format and platform worked very well with multiple colleagues able to participate. Thank you for your prompt help where necessary and for making the event both informative and so beneficial. I recommend any company seeking new contacts in Italy to join in future workshops provided by Comitel.”  VORSCOT TOURS

      “Dear Comitel, the online meetings worked perfectly and I found all the meetings very useful for our business. Thank you a lot for your perfect organization.” Art Pursuits-Arena Travel

      “Well organised event with excellent technology for the online meetings, it provided me with good contacts for future tours to ITALY.” WEST END – JEWISH HERITAGE TOURS

      “It was a pleasure to participate in it and I found it very useful.  The event was very well organised easy and to participate in. Thank you for all your hard work and hopefully we will be able to return to a live situation soon.” CMC MARKETING


      Over 1,800 meetings taken by 93 buyers from all over the world and 68 sellers representing all Italy: the figures of ACE’s 22nd edition (but 1st in the digital format) speak for themselves.

      We want to thank all participants for joining this event and rating it with full marks (100% for sellers; 96,10 % for buyers).

      In reference with the organization, assistance, matchmaking and video-call platforms, all the sellers were satisfied and also almost all the buyers (96.2%).

      As far as the business is concerned, we can say that ACE reached its goal, as all the buyers and almost all the sellers (96%) judged the contacts established as excellent or good; this makes us proud and pushes us to work harder to continue on this path, to improve and overcome this difficult moment all together.



      “Grazie per l’organizzazione e per il perfetto sostegno digitale e telefonico prima, durante e dopo i Workshops! Per ora uno dei migliori eventi digitali degli ultimi anni! Bravi!!” TUI Deutschland

      “Had great contacts, most were very interesting and personal, for me you can keep this in the next years.” – SKYLINE

      “I really love this event. Organisation is very good, Before it started we have received emails with detailed instructions, Even calls if everything is OK. I really appreciate that. I have met interesting partners. Hope travelling will be possible soon, so we can start cooperation. Thanks for everything!”– VVIP TRAVEL

      “It was very useful to talk with various and different Italian partners and to find new possibilities for future collaboration.” – BRAVO PUTOVANJA

      “Thank you very much for the great organisation of this interesting event! You did a great job! Go further that way!”– WEIN UND STEIN

      “Very well organized, excellent connection. It was a pleasure to have met so many nice people. I hope to be able to collaborate with them in the future.”– MONDO TOURS REISEN

      “That was my great pleasure to join workshop. The meetings and partners ok and hope successful for business. Thank you for your cooperation!”– BIKE2B

      “It was a really perfect workshop, all meetings were interesting and I could find new ideas and new interesting partners for my customers.” – MARGIT’S TELETRAVEL

      “Thank you very much for your kind support in this great organization!  The event was really useful and joyful, I could have many new partnership possibilities. Congratulations and wish you lots of successful events in the near future!”– OTP TRAVEL

      “Thank you very much for the organization. It was very interesting and we got new contacts and ideas. The online workshop was perfect to us in this time!”- GEOVITA


      ITWEB GERMANY, 15-16 JANUARY 2021

      “Thank you for this very good workshop. The organisation and the technical standard were really good, so it was very easy for me to get in contact with different providers. The meetings were quite interesting and helped me to get new ideas for products and programs in the coming years. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to take part.” SPD-ReiseService

      “Thank you very much for the invitation and your excellent organization. You did an excellent job. I was able to get in contact with some interesting suppliers.”
      ReiseService International

      “A big thank you to you and your colleagues for organising the workshop. I had 21 wonderful and helpful appointments. That will definitely help me to create new tours to Italy!” One World Travel International Ltd.

      “Thank you very much for your preparation and for two days of perfect presentations!” ReiseSpass e. K.

      “I would like to thank you for the Italy Workshop Days. It was super organized and all the conversations were very informative for me.” Urlaubsparadies

      “It was a pleasure to be part of Comitel’s ITWEB. So easy to get in touch with Italy! THANKS!” Fides Reisen GmbH & Co KG

      “Un grande GRAZIE! È stato per me un piacere lavorare con voi. Ho trovato prodotti nuovi per i miei clienti.” Paola Sacco Luxury Travel GmbH

      “Very good workshop, good organisation, good technical solutions in advance and during the meetings, good contacts.” SPD-ReiseService

      “The event was very interesting and good.” Fein & Wein Reisen mit Genuss

      “Very good opportunity in these times to come together.” Kunst und Genuss Reisen

      “Very nice new products and very proactive representatives!” Die Landpartie

      “Thank you for the perfect organization as always.” CTS Gruppen und Studienreisen

      “I had very good appointments, all new contacts, which will help me to create new itineraries to Italy. It had a touch of normality, meeting partners during this challenging time. Thank you!” One World Travel International Ltd.

      “Very good organisation – thank you!” Weiter Reisen

      “Thank you very much for the great event!” Anytime Reisen



      Over 500 meetings, 40 sellers from all over Italy and 50 buyers from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada and the USA.

      More than 90% of participants were satisfied with the matchmaking and video-call platforms, easy to use but also full of potential: our systems allow you to better personalize your meetings, in the absence of in-person meetings.

      Talking about business, over 90% of buyers and sellers judged the meetings as excellent or good, which make us proud and encourage us to continue to do better, to innovate and grow, despite this challenging situation.

      ITWeb 1st Edition: 8-12 June 2020

      Over 1,000 meetings were held via videoconferencing calls between the Italian suppliers and 40 selected buyers coming from all over Europe, Russia, USA, Dubai and even Australia.

      For a first-time virtual event, ITWeb was quite a success: according to the post-event survey, 90% of participants rated the event as very good or excellent and 97.5% rated the organization as very good or excellent. As far as the quality of contacts is concerned, 95% of sellers rated the contacts made as good or very good, while 100% of buyers rated them as good, very good or excellent.

      “First let me say this was a very nice experience. I will be more than happy to participate again. Everything went smoothly, good information and very easy to use. I hope you get all the credit for a well done project.” CARAVELLE  TOURS – NORWAY

      “Just a quick email to thank you and the rest of the Comitel team for this amazing workshop. Fantastic work behind the scene and really good quality suppliers with great programs and products. Thank you so much has been so far a fantastic experience.” ITALIAN TRAVEL BUREAU – AUSTRALIA

      “Devo dire che avete portato il meglio. Grazie per la continua e perfetta assistenza!”AIRPORT PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – ITALY

      “The support given throughout by the COMITEL staff was excellent, nothing to add.” GITAV – ITALY

      “Thank you for a great conference. Grazie Mille!” HCI TRAVEL – USA

      “I would like to say THANK YOU to you and your team, you are real pioneers and it is a great event! I finished all my meetings and would like to say WELL DONE, GUYS!” LANA WEDDING PLANNER – UAE

      “È andato tutto molto bene!” FATTORIA SAN LORENZO – ITALY

      “Thank you for including me in the event. I really enjoyed it and met a lot of very interesting suppliers that I hope to explore the possibilities with. I always feel like you are so well organized and never leave me wondering about the next steps and what I have to do. Thank you for making this so easy!” FC SPORT EXPERIENCES – GREAT BRITAIN

      “Grazie, è stata una bella esperienza.” CONSORZIO TURISTICO VALCHIAVENNA – ITALY

      “Many thanks once more for such an interesting and well organised online workshop” SOVEREIGN TOURISM – GREAT BRITAIN

      “Thanks for your help over the last few days, it has been appreciated. The meetings have been really useful.” GRAPE ESCAPES – GREAT BRITAIN

      “È andato tutto bene, grazie! Piattaforma veloce e stabile.” FUNIVIE MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO – ITALY

      “Thanks for an interesting form of meetings. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to organise trips to Italy!” V.V.I.P. Travel – SLOVAKIA

      “It was a great session. I met with mostly new partners!” LUXE ESCAPE – INDIA

      “Ha funzionato tutto davvero molto bene e i contatti erano molto interessati ed interessanti! Quindi complimenti per la riuscita dell’evento online!” ROYAL HOTEL SANREMO – ITALY

      “Everything worked well, I got at least 3 – 4 very useful business contacts for the future.” VINCONTORET – SWEDEN

      “Tante, tante, tante grazie per la Vostra competente e gentilissima collaborazione e assistenza. Nel complesso tutto più che bene.” NACCARI ORNELLA – ITALY

      “Thank you! It was really useful for me to participate in online meetings.” SVOI LUDI – RUSSIA

      “Thank you for a great event.” EXPA TRAVEL AB – SWEDEN

      “Thank you for the great work & organisation.” GENUSSREISEN – GERMANY

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